At this point I must declare my neutrality I have no shares in any supplement companies and I have never received any payments from supplement companies.

The point of supplements in Macular disease is to reduce the inflammation in the retinal area the retinal pigment layer is fragile and the anti oxidant effect of the supplements reduces the likelihood of damage to this tissue.

The main questions are:

  • Should I take them?
  • Why should I take them?

The answers to these questions are do you have early degenerative changes? If no you don’t need any supplements, they won’t stop changes starting. This is applicable to worried children of AMD sufferers.

If you have early changes then yes take supplements. They won’t reverse changes, they will not improve vision. BUT they may prevent further changes occurring in 30% of cases. In 70% of cases they will have no effect at all. So there is a good chance they may¬†help.

You will not notice any change in your vision by taking the supplements they are an insurance policy that is worth taking, If vision does deteriorate you would always regret it if you hadn’t taken them, you would never know whether you would have been one of that 30%.

Which supplements to use? That is up to you again I remain neutral on that most of them are pretty similar each brand has its own particular selling point but the end results are pretty similar for them all.