Exciting news about robot surgery in the press. The reports highlighted new robot equipment to do surgery on the back of the eye. While this is not directly linked to AMD at this stage it is extremely good news.


The operation done in Oxford was a macula peel operation. This is when the fine membrane that is between the retina and the vitreous humor is removed. This operation has only been possible over the last ten years or so. It is an incredibly delicate piece of work, I have great admiration for the guys who perform this daily. They are working with operating microscopes all the time, it is like peeling off that layer of membrane that attaches to a boiled egg, between the shell and the egg. They are doing this inside the eye.   Read the report at The Guardian or see the report BBC news report.

The reason it is so important is that in the next few years stem cell therapy will be started for AMD. The ability to use robots for this type of surgery will raise the success rates when it eventually starts as it will be comparable in complexity to macula peel operations now. This is one of those stepping stones necessary to make future treatments more likely and more successful.

The company that developed the robots is Preceyes look them up for more information.