Early diagnosis AMD no loss of vision

The earliest stages of AMD are not noticeable to the individual and will probably be first picked up by an optometrist at a routine eye examination. There may have been a slight blurriness when reading that is put down to needing new glasses.

The significance of the diagnosis may not be realised for some time. Practitioners don’t want to frighten people unnecessarily so it may be couched in reassuring language that there are some changes at the back of the eye that need to be monitored.

This is when you need to start your education learn about the disease and begin to start thinking about life strategies for the future. There are some big decision that need to be considered, like a boy scout you need to ‘be prepared’. The decisions aren’t urgent but time thinking about them will not be wasted. Some would say this would just be unnecessary worrying it will be if you don’t take action as a result or decide what you will do in different situations.

Magic wand…who wants to be rude?

Your magic wand!

For just a few pounds you can buy yourself a fantastically simple device to make your life and everyone you meets life easier and less fraught. The symbol cane available from the RNIB shop this is one of the most contentious pieces of equipment for the visually impaired.


For a fuller discussion of the pros and cons of white sticks please go to my blog post; symbol canes why bother