Top ten magnifiers 8

Top ten magnifiers

Eschenbach makroLUX

Bright field magnifier for reading. Although an expensive magnifier this is an elegant design that works well ergonomically. The design lets you run it easily across a page, it is less cumbersome than some of the illuminated stand magnifiers. Pleasant to use.


Top ten magnifiers 9

Top Magnifier? The Bierley monomouse

This is not what a lot of people would regard as a magnifier. It is not a simple lens but a technological solution to magnification. This is a serious piece of kit when vision has deteriorated to the point where simple magnifiers no longer help.


The monomouse can be attached to either a computer screen via software or to a TV screen. It looks just like a standard computer mouse. You use it like a computer mouse running it over whatever text you want to read, inside the mouse is a tiny camera that transmits the image of the text to the screen. The principle is very simple, which makes it a cost effective solution for an electronic magnification system.


Vitamin supplements

VITAMINS, vitamins Vitamins they come in all shapes and sizes so many supplements on the market for AMD. These are recommended by all sorts of people with varying claims of success. You need to be aware of why you are taking them and the likely success of taking them.

Stripping away the hype over dietary supplements you need to understand the 2 Cochrane reviews about supplements and AMD. The Cochrane reviews are the gold standard for assessments of treatment, they are objective and independent. The two reviews were looking at different aspects of supplements and macular degeneration. They are both worth looking at for definitive information, they are;

The conclusion of the paper on prevention is: There is no evidence with respect to other antioxidant supplements, such as vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin, or any of the commonly marketed multivitamin combinations. Although generally regarded as safe, vitamin supplements may have harmful effects and clear evidence of benefit is needed before they can be recommended.

To put it even more bluntly there is no point in taking supplements if there are no changes due to AMD. If you have family who feel they are at risk of AMD. Taking supplements will not prevent the disease. If there are no changes to the eye, supplements are not needed.

People with AMD may experience delay in progression of the disease with antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplementation. This finding is drawn from one large trial conducted in a relatively well-nourished American population. The generalisability of these findings to other populations is not known. Although generally regarded as safe, vitamin supplements may have harmful effects.

To sum this one up about 30% of people who take supplements may slow the rate of change of the disease. You are not going to reverse the course of any existing change to the macular area. They are worth taking though if change is present in the macula area,  it will help in 30% of cases. 

Knowing that you can only slow the  progression of the disease the question then is which supplement to use?

For information on that go to the following blog posts….









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Top pocket magnifier

Ökolux Mobil Plus LED Hand Magnifier 7x / 24dpt

I like this magnifier it can be carried in a pocket or a purse and is therefore useful on the move. I still prefer the simple Eschenbach 172020 as it cant breakdown, but this is superior due to the light.


There are a selection of powers of magnification, the useful ones are the 5X and higher the 7X is probably the most useful. You aren’t going to read War and Peace with it, but out and about shopping it is an ideal size for your purse or pocket.

Top ten magnifiers 6

Very Handy magnifier

Coil AT Max Round 7x Illuminated Magnifier


This series of magnifiers has it own unique selling point. The most useful addition to any magnifier is a light which this one possesses. However the downside to having a light is it needs batteries and then you leave the light switched on. Next time you go to use it the batteries are dead… Coil steps forward with these mags, the clever bit is the handle as you grip it the light comes on. When you put it down the light goes out. This makes these great for the forgetful.

They come in a range of powers. The one drawback is that after prolonged use the handle grip may get rather sticky and the switch itself may fail.