Vitamin Supplements

At this point I must declare my neutrality I have no shares in any supplement companies and I have never received any payments from supplement companies.

The point of supplements in Macular disease is to reduce the inflammation in the retinal area the retinal pigment layer is fragile and the anti oxidant effect of the supplements reduces the likelihood of damage to this tissue.

The main questions are:

  • Should I take them?
  • Why should I take them?

The answers to these questions are do you have early degenerative changes? If no you don’t need any supplements, they won’t stop changes starting. This is applicable to worried children of AMD sufferers.

If you have early changes then yes take supplements. They won’t reverse changes, they will not improve vision. BUT they may prevent further changes occurring in 30% of cases. In 70% of cases they will have no effect at all. So there is a good chance they may help.

You will not notice any change in your vision by taking the supplements they are an insurance policy that is worth taking, If vision does deteriorate you would always regret it if you hadn’t taken them, you would never know whether you would have been one of that 30%.

Which supplements to use? That is up to you again I remain neutral on that most of them are pretty similar each brand has its own particular selling point but the end results are pretty similar for them all.



Top ten magnifiers 10

Top tenth magnifier.


This may not obviously be a candidate for our list of magnifiers. However whether you have an apple iphone or an android version any smart phone with a camera can be used as a magnifier.

If you can’t see something clearly use the camera phone to take a picture. Once you have captured it you can then blow the image up on the screen to see it more easily. It is a very flexible magnifier which is probably easily to hand.

For more information on mobile phone use go to the synapptic app page


Top ten Magnifiers 2

Top ten Magnifiers 2

The eschenbach 17202 magnifier



This is one of the simplest magnifiers you will come across but don’t right it off it is a remarkably useful piece of kit. It is bulletproof in performance; there is nothing to go wrong. It is inexpensive and is fantastic to carry around in a pocket or purse all day long. Whip it out whenever you need it to read instructions or prices. The one drawback is there is no light within it, but the upside is, it won’t breakdown. I would pop one of these into anybody’s stocking at Christmas if they have MD.  For best results  See how to use a magnifier  A worthy number two in our list of top ten magnifiers.

Top ten Magnifiers 1

Top of the pops as far as I am concerned is the Eschenbach 1580-63: Illuminated Stand Magnifier.

1580-63-illuminated-stand-magnifiersThis magnifier is my all time favourite magnifier it is the workhorse of my equipment list. No magnifier is perfect but this one works well for many people in the early stage of MD. The size of the lens gives a good field of view, with reasonable magnification. The housing lets you rest it on the page for easy viewing, it also sets it at the right focusing distance, (assuming you are wearing your reading glasses).

The light is clear from the LED bulb, which also gives you long life on the batteries. All round this is a winner of a magnifier.


Products to Help

There are many products aimed at people with MD from treatments to equipment. There are too many on the market for me to analyse all of them in depth. However, I will point out the stuff that I have been acquainted with over many years, the stuff that has endured and the stuff that is new to the market that seems to be good.

Top ten magnifiers 4

Eschenbach easyPOCKET XL


This is a simple magnifier but beautifully designed. Compact about the size of a credit card the lens slips out from the casing when fully extended the LED light is switched on.  It is more expensive than some of the illuminated magnifiers, but it is very portable. You can carry it in your purse or wallet alongside your credit cards, which you can read with it. This means you will probably have it with you near to hand and know where to find it. For help on using a magnifier go to this post Using a magnifier