Top ten Magnifiers 1

Top of the pops as far as I am concerned is the Eschenbach 1580-63: Illuminated Stand Magnifier.

1580-63-illuminated-stand-magnifiersThis magnifier is my all time favourite magnifier it is the workhorse of my equipment list. No magnifier is perfect but this one works well for many people in the early stage of MD. The size of the lens gives a good field of view, with reasonable magnification. The housing lets you rest it on the page for easy viewing, it also sets it at the right focusing distance, (assuming you are wearing your reading glasses).

The light is clear from the LED bulb, which also gives you long life on the batteries. All round this is a winner of a magnifier.


Products to Help

There are many products aimed at people with MD from treatments to equipment. There are too many on the market for me to analyse all of them in depth. However, I will point out the stuff that I have been acquainted with over many years, the stuff that has endured and the stuff that is new to the market that seems to be good.

Family and Friends

The most overlooked people in the world of MD are the family and friends of the person. You are unsure of what is happening, whether you can help, whether you should help. What to do or not to do or what to say or not say. There may be whispered conversations out of earshot with other family members about Mum or Dad. I hope that you will find answers within this site or discover where to go if more information is needed. I regard you as the unsung heroes of macular degeneration, your input advice and help will be the most useful help available, it is practical and offered with real commitment but most of all with love.

Some posts are tagged deliberately just for family and friends, but you will learn from all posts.

family and friends


The World of Macular Degeneration

The world of macular degeneration falls into three distinct phases:

  1. Following initial diagnosis of the disease when one or both eyes have early signs of macular disease.
  2. When there is a significant loss of vision in one eye, but the vision is still good in the second eye.
  3. When there has been significant visual loss in both eyes, this is when registration for either partially sighted or blind registration may be considered.

Each of these stages presents different challenges to the individual. As you progress through them others get caught up in the consequences. Few people battle on alone family and friends are bought on board as situations and problems present themselves. This blog is for all those who get caught in the web of macular disease, whether they have it or are on the sidelines watching but not knowing what to do or say.

Top ten magnifiers 4

Eschenbach easyPOCKET XL


This is a simple magnifier but beautifully designed. Compact about the size of a credit card the lens slips out from the casing when fully extended the LED light is switched on.  It is more expensive than some of the illuminated magnifiers, but it is very portable. You can carry it in your purse or wallet alongside your credit cards, which you can read with it. This means you will probably have it with you near to hand and know where to find it. For help on using a magnifier go to this post Using a magnifier